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Embrace a NEW kind of happiness.

This fall - we're stepping into a new series exploring what It really means to be happy.

Everywhere you look people all around us are just trying to get by. In the middle of trying to provide a good life for ourselves and our families each and every one of us is looking for feelings of happiness. We look for them in our relationships, in our careers, our appearances, our possessions, and our wealth. Everyone wants to find happiness and will go to extraordinary lengths to try and find it. This conquest is so fundamental to being human that it is even enshrined in the US constitution that all have the freedom to find "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." While many look for happiness, unfortunately not everyone finds it.

At the very beginning of His infamous "Sermon on the Mount", Jesus described what it means to be truly happy. God's desire for us is to live a life that is truly blessed.  In His counter-cultural, upside down logic, Jesus provided a whole new way to look at life and the pursuit of happiness. Join us at Bridge Church this fall as we explore the nature of happiness, misconceptions around it and how to find it once and for all.

Bridge Church is located on the fourth floor of the Ross Creek Professional centre:
10101 86th ave, Fort Saskatchewan

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