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A Community of Hope, Belonging,
and Purpose.

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Services Sunday morning @ 10am in person, or watch LIVE on YouTube or Facebook.

On a smoke-filled Mt. Sinai, Moses received the Law of God. At the time it was nothing short of transformational for the people of Israel. Yet despite having a clear & unique moral code to follow, the nation rejected God and descended into chaos time and time again. Over a thousand years later, Jesus ascended a new mount to address their ancestors. Jesus called them, and now calls us, to a law that goes beyond letters and heads straight for the heart. Join Bridge Church this January as we continue our journey through Jesus' prolific Sermon on the Mount.

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#ForTheFort is an initiative of Bridge Church. More than just a cool hashtag, #ForTheFort is a posture of the heart. It is our desire to be Fort Saskatchewan's biggest cheerleader. We express this by being available to help, support and encourage. Three times a year on Sunday morning, instead of our usual worship celebration, we break into teams to roll up our sleeves to serve!