Our Team

Meet our Pastors & Staff

Bridge Church is blessed with an incredible team of passionate men, women and children. For the last couple of years we have dreamed together about what church could be like around our kitchen tables, in our garages and in local coffee shops. We are largely a volunteer-led organization with dozens of volunteers in kids, worship, prayer, first impressions, media/it, home group, youth and pastoral ministries.

Ryan Pedde

Lead Pastor

For the last 17 years Ryan has been involved in church ministry including 11 years at Bethel Church in Edmonton. He has a Master’s of Divinity degree from Taylor Seminary and is an Ordained Minister in the Christian Reformed Church. Ryan has a passion for connecting with God, teaching the Scriptures, and seeing people transformed by the Gospel. He has been married for 14 years to his wife Jessica and has three children – Lydia, Naomi and Isaac. In his free time, Ryan enjoys travelling to new baseball stadiums (he has seen 18 of 30 MLB parks), finding the best donair, kayaking, reading and writing. 

Mitchell McDougall

Director of Worship & Technology

Mitch is passionate about building the Church, and has over 8 years of formal church ministry experience in worship & technology. Mitch has been involved in building the Church since he was a teenager, and started doing audio in the Church at the age of 13. Mitch is married to his wife Kendra, and has two daughters. Outside of church, Mitch loves sports, plays men's league hockey & is an avid F1 fan.

Sandy Parker

Director of Community Formation

 Sandy has been married to her husband Scott for 19 years. They have four wonderful kids (if they do say so themselves!) Sandy and Scott moved to Fort Saskatchewan in 2004 and have a passion and deep love for this city! When she is not enjoying her days working at Bridge Church, she works as the nutrition, life skills, transit and social coordinator for her kids!  She also enjoys coaching Basketball and loves to read while sipping on a hot cup of coffee on her favourite chair. 

Gavin Schaefer

Pastoral Intern

For the last five years Gavin has been going to Bible college to get his Bachelors degree from Vanguard College. Gavin has a deep love for church history and the person of Jesus Christ. In his free time, he loves to read books, watch food critique videos, learn complicated cooking techniques and recipes, and play music on his guitar. Out of Highschool he travelled through Europe to places like: Rome, Venice, Hamburg, Berlin, Paris, Lyon, Austria, and Zurich.