Services Sundays @ 10am in person, or watch LIVE on YouTube, Facebook, or by clicking WATCH below.

We are Bridge Church

We embrace three core values
that guide everything we do:
Gospel, Community, and Mission

Gospel: Find Hope

Jesus is The Bridge for ordinary people to know and be transformed by an extraordinary God.

“The Gospel” means this: Jesus won the victories that we could not! We believe that the death and resurrection of Jesus is the single greatest event in all of history. It changes everything!
In Jesus we find connection to God and to one another in a disconnected world. The Gospel is tangible hope for our lives, our families, our city, and the world. It tells us who we are and empowers us for service to the world.

Community: Find Belonging

Jesus, our Bridge, has made us a community to grow, serve and worship together.

We are an imperfect group of people that Jesus has called together for something special.
We are a worshipping community. Together we pray fervently, proclaim God’s word with integrity, and celebrate God’s grace through Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Our community is committed to meeting in both large and small gatherings. We are a serving community. We join God in His Mission to change the world through the Gospel not as just individuals but as a community. Following the servant example of Jesus, we serve one another and the world. We are a growing community. In this life we are only a shadow of what God is preparing us to be for eternity. In our weaknesses, sin and brokenness, we are committed to allowing the Gospel to do its work on us. Filled with grace, we seek transformation for ourselves and for each other.

Mission: Find Purpose

Jesus invites us to build bridges that connect a broken and hurting world to God.

God is on a Mission to see people and the world transformed. Jesus has sent us into the world to be agents of transformation. We believe the Gospel is news that needs to be shared and experienced with everyone. Out of love for God and love for our neighbor, we desire to see more people know and experience the transforming power of God’s Spirit. The Gospel compels us to fight for justice in the world. We are called to serve our neighbor locally and around the world. Humbly we seek to connect all people to God. We point the way to Jesus through loving acts of service, justice, listening and sharing.