Services Sundays @ 10am in person, or watch LIVE on YouTube, Facebook, or by clicking WATCH below.
At Bridge Church we recognize that all spiritual blessing flows from God in prayer. With this in mind please consider being “All In” through Praying:

Commit to a Daily prayer practice.
Commit to joining the church in prayer on Thursdays and before the service on Sundays
Commit to attend the monthly one-hour prayer meeting at Bridge Church.
Over the last year we have witnessed faithful financial giving that has sustained Bridge Church’s ministries. Despite this, because of arrears from the Foundry Room, we will finish the year in a small deficit. In order to be in a position of strength to move into our new facility, giving will need to increase.
Previously, families at Bridge Church made monthly financial pledges for our operating budget and donated to the building fund. If you are new to Bridge Church or did not get a chance to do so before, please consider being “All In” through Giving:

1) Setting up monthly Tithes and Offering
2) Giving to the Bridge Building Fund

With a move on the way and church attendance growing quickly, there are more volunteer opportunities than ever before. We envision everyone at Bridge involved serving in One Place Once a Month. Please consider being “All In” through Serving:

First Impressions: Greeters, Setup Crew Coffee Crew

Bridge Kids: Nursery Helpers, Littles Leader, Centre Leader, Large Group Leader, Grade 4-6 Leaders

Community Formation: Home Group Helpers, 3-2-1 Partners